azienda puntoblu piscine

Company profile

Puntoblu plans and produces water emotions since 1986.
As a result of effort and enthusiasm, the company was created with the aim to design and realize swimming pools made of reinforced concrete or prefabricated in different shapes and sizes. Thanks to its good experience, in the '90s the company started to deal with the planning and production of scenographic settings to be placed into structures as wellness centres, tourist villages, water or amusement parks, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, discos, gardens with ponds and waterfalls. The trend in innovation is an integral part of Puntoblu which starts to directly produce and commercialize artificial rocks made of G.F.R.C. (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), a process for the recreation of artificial rock moulds obtained from a conglomerate of concrete with siliceous sand and fittingly cut fiber glass (alkaline resistant), which allow to reproduce different natural settings thanks to special colouring methods with nuances of local rocks. Puntoblu is constantly looking out for the production of new technologies with the maximum care to the quality of the offered products and to environmental respect. The company has been certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 "System of environmental management" for several years and its principal aim is to produce works totally in sync with the environment. The strong will to reach the highest satisfaction of the customers and users is the main purpose of Puntoblu's productions.

Research and Development

Innovation has always been the driving force for Puntoblu, which always deals with the study of new technologies in order to improve its products, to design new ones and to optimize the production processes. Puntoblu acknowledges the importance of research, considered as a boost to spread new product technologies and to achieve the development goals of the company throughout the country. Thanks to a consolidated presence on the market, Puntoblu is able to include in its own products higher features with lower prices. Therefore, competitiveness is considered by Puntoblu as the capacity for studying, analyzing, designing and realizing innovative products.