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Benefits of wellness itineraries


The benefits of sauna are numerous. The first perceived positive effect is a psychophysical well-being deriving from the metabolism acceleration and a considerable vasodilation, with the immediate effect of improving blood circulation and muscles relax. The sense of refreshment resulting from the sauna also helps to fight insomnia and to reduce anxiety. The forced and controlled fluid exchange (during a sauna about one liter of water is expelled as sweat ) expels impurities and toxic substances helping the skin and the entire body to keep in perfect health. At the end of a sauna the skin looks brighter and deeply clean and therefore the saunas are a perfect completion to every beauty treatment. The purification of the body helps to strengthen the immune defence system against viral and bacterial infections such as cold and flu , whereas people suffering from respiratory problems such as bronchitis, sinusitis and chronic rhinitis could find an efficient therapeutic support in a frequent and regular sauna, previously asking a medical opinion. The finnish sauna , in a dry environment, is an important benefit source also for rheumatic pains. Heat may facilitate and promote a faster muscle recovery (thanks to a facilitated relaxation and the elimination of lactic acid) as well as a sedative effect on the nerve endings and a better recovery of the peripheral circulation.

Turkish Bath

The first effect of heat is the dilation of blood-vessels, which facilitates the circulation and a deep cleaning of skin. The heat causes the dilation of pores and the related increase of perspiration. The skin looks really bright, elastic and soft, as perspiration helps to eliminate a lot of toxins.


The air bubbles and the water flow compress and decompress the tissues, bringing benefits to blood and lymphatic circulation. Legs become lighter and less swollen whereas cellulite is reduced thanks to the pressure of the water massage, which promotes the drainage of liquids. The hydro-massage has many other virtues related to the capability to focus the flow action on a specific zone of the body: it firms muscles, fights obesity, reduces tension, fights rheumatism, arthritis, gout, respiratory system fatigue and insomnia. The skin looks tonic, smooth and relaxed. The hydro-massage is also a real source of well-being for the mind. The pressure of the massage promotes the release of endorphins, which stimulates the nerve fibers, generating a feeling of total pleasure.

Emotional showers

all, the upper muscles of the body are able to relax the contracture and to get more relaxed.

The salt cave

The salt cave is a place where people can feel all the energy of the sea . In the salt room, a special over-salted sea microclimate is created, with the presence of iodine ions in concentrations higher than those commonly found in the air we breathe and other trace elements which can be found in the unrefined sea salt . The light, the colours, the symbolism, the materials used are inspired by the ones found in the basins where salt is extracted from the sea water . The environment, enriched with aerosol of sea water, is characterized by the absolute cleanliness of the breathable air, ensured by the antiseptic power of the salt, which prevents the pathogens survival. The temperature, 24-27 degrees, the ventilation, the humidity, the aerosol of seawater reproduce the ones typical of the first hours of the day, during the beginning of summer, on the sea shores. These circumstances represent the optimal climatic conditions for human health, creating an ideal environment for relaxation and recovery, during and after saline treatments. These conditions create a relaxing and enjoyable environment, accompanied by music that reproduces the sounds of nature, water, the rustle of the wind and the sounds of vegetation and by perfumes and scents of natural essences. The salt room is a unique environment where the properties of sea salt are exploited, but it can also represent a place of meeting and socialization, in which relaxation, recovery and wellness are joined to the pleasure of relationship.